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Les Privat Ielts | 1.Example of speaking test ( Contoh Test berbicara )

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Ini adalah contoh perkiraan Test Ielts,speaking,pada tes speaking, yang
dari tiga bagian.Pertama biasanya,anda akan di tanya mengenai pribadi,
anda,Ke dua anda di minta untuk menceritakan,topic tertentu,anda di sediakan waktu satu menit untuk persiapan menjawab,dan anda akan disediakan pencil dan kertas untuk mencatat,yang akan di bicarakan,anda di minta menceritakan topic tertentu selama,satu atau dua menit,Ke Tiga anda di tanya mengenai lingkungan anda,atau keadaan di sekitaranda,kedian terbaru di sekitarnya,Coba simak contoh berikut

Good morning,My name is Jonny.Could you tell me your name please;
Thank you,

1.>Do you work or are you a student ?
   > Can you tell me about your studies ?
   >What is your favorite subject ?
   > What is your study plan ?
   > Do you have any hobbies ? or interesting ?
   > What hobbies are popular with  young boys and girls in your country ?
  >  Do people usually countinue their hobbies when they get older ?

2.Now I'd like to ask you,I'd like to ask you to speak for 1- 2 menutes on a topic
    You have one munutes to plan your answer,here is pencil and paper to make notes.
     Here is your topic.I'd like you to describe a movie which made a strong imfression on you
     Thank you.Can you start speaking now,please remember you have a maximum of two minutes.

      Descibe a movie which made a strong impression on you
      you should say
      > which mavie it was - the name
      > what the movie was about
      > Who the main stars   were and explain why you enjoyed the movie
          Thank you

           Do you go to the movies often
3.    Now I'd like to ask you a few more Questions about films and movies.
       > Are films popular where you come from ?
       > Are people going to the cinema more these days compared with 25 years ago ?
       > What films are popular with young people ?
       > Do people's taste on films change as they grow older ?
       > Has technology made a difference to the quality of modern films ?
       > How will technology be used to the quality of modern films ?
       > Why have the forms of popular entertainment change over the years ?
       > Will people still go to the cinema in the future ?
        Thank you.That is the end of the Speaking Test

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Les Privat Ielts | 2.Example Of Speaking Test ( Contoh Test Bicara )


Pada tes speaking tidaklah terlalu sulit namun  anda harus mempunyai banyak perbendaharaan,disamping anda juga harus mengusai grammar ( Tata bahasa ),terutama tenses,anda harus menceritakan  dan menjawab pertanyaan yang di berikan tester dengan tata bahasa yang benar,tak ketinggalan juga anda harus menguasai tehnic berbicara supaya anda tidak kekurangan perbendaharaan kata dan ide- ideyang baik untuk di bicarakan,sehingga anda tidak bicara terbatah batah,dengan kata lainya lama berpikir sehinggakebanyakan,megunakankata,eeee.mmmmm,atau setop bicara sama sekali,

Example of speaking test ( Contoh Test Bicara )
1.Good afternoon.My name is Shanti.Could you tell me your full name please.Can I check your  
   identification.Thank you.
   > Do you work or are you a student?
   > Could you describe what kind of work you do ?
   > What do yoy like about your job ?
   > What kind of job you hope to do in    10 year's time ?
   > Do you play any sport ?
   > What are the most popular sports in your country ?
   > Is it better to play sport or watch it why ?
   > Can men and woman play different sport in your country ?

2.Now I am going to give you a topic and I'd like you to speak on it for 1- 2 minutes.
  You have one minute to prepare your answer
   Here is a pencil and paper to make notes.
   Here is your topic.I'd like you to describe a vacation you have realty enjoyed
   Thanks you.Can you start talking now please.I will stop you at 2 minutes
    Describe a vacation you have really enjoyed
    You should say
    > Where you went for the vacation ? 
    > Who you travelled with ?
    > What you did on this holiday and explain why you enjoyed the holiday ?
        Thank you.Would you go there agai
3   Now I'd like to ask you a few more question about vacations and holidays away ?
     > Are people taking more holidays and travelling far away these days ?
     > Where did people fo for holidays in your grandparents time - say 50 years ago ?
     > Where do people usually like to go for holiday away these days ?
     > Why do people want to travel,to go away.for a holiday ?
     > Is tourism having an effect on the environtment ?
     > How important is the tourist dolllar for the economy ?
     > Will the tourist industry grow in the next 10 - 20 years ? why ?
     > What do you think of touristm designed not to damage the environment ?
         Thank you.That is the end of the Speaking Test

Les Privat Ielts | 3.Example Speaking Test ( Contoh Tes Bicara )

Example Speaking Test
Good morning my name is susan Could you tell me your name please. thank you
1.-Can you tell me about your home town ( or city ) ?
   -Can you tell me abaout the most interesting things in your home town ?
   -Could you describe places of special interest I could visit near where you stay ?
   -What would be the best way for me to get to those places ?
   -Should I go there at any special time of the year?

   I'd like to ask you few questions about food and diet

   >What do you usually eat for breakfast ?
  >What is the most important meal of the day for you ?
  >What should we eat to stay healthy ?
  >Will people's diet change in the future ?

2. Now I'd like to ask you to speak fo 1 - 2 minutes on a topic

    you have one minute to plan your answer.
    Here is a pencil and paper to make notes
    Here is your topic,I'd like you to describe a celebration you recently
    participated in.
    Thank you Can you stard speaking now, please I will stop you after two minutes
    I'd like you to describe a celebration you recently participated in.
    You should say
    >Where the celebration took place
    >When it happened
    >Why it was held-what was being celebrated and explain how the celebration was conducted
3.Now let's talk more about traditions and celebrations
   > What traditions were important for your grandparents,says 50 years ago ?
   >  Which traditions were will continue to be celebrated in the future ?
  >  What role do traditional cereminies play in the social life of people in your country ?
  >How would you describe young people attitudes towards tradition ?
  > Are customs and traditions changing these days ?
  > Do you think traditions and customs are affected by advertising ?
  >  Do some countries celebrate traditions more than others ?
  > Why do you think this is happening ?
Thank you.That is the end of Speaking Test

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Les Privat Ielts | Example Of Writing And How To Answer The Writing In Easy Way / Example Of How To Answer The Speaking Test

Example Of Writing And How To Answer The Writing In Easy Way / Example Of How To Answer The Speaking Test

i.Example Of How To Answer The Writing
1.You should spend about 40 minutes on this task write about the following topic
Some people who leave in the city with the busy situation like to stay in the appartement for making simple and easy life,altought they must obey the rule,not to care the cat,dog or other animals,has no own parking car,not realy close to the neighbor,but other not prefer to stay in the house,they feel more free from many kinds of the rule,can plan the flower or many other plantation,can care the fish ,birds or many kinds of other animal,

Give a reason for your anwer and include any relevant example from your own knowledgemant or experience,

You should write at least 250 words you write your own ideas ,knowledge and experience and support your arguments with example relevant evidence.

Choosing a place to stay is very important for every people,to make a decition to buy a house need a long time to be consider,

Considering a place to stay is very important for every people,because of these, people usualy need a long time to think about in what kind of place they will stay,the first consideration, it must be near to the location where they go for working,and another people ,will also think that ,the location is also must  be near to everything they need, the bank,hospital, shopping centre,and so on,diferent people has diferent idea for the housing,some people like to stay in the apartement,altought there are many rule must be obeyed, another people prefare to stay in the house,where they can plant the many kinds of plantation,fish,and many other,although it some time far from  the centre city it no proble for them.altough they some time get the trouble with the many rule in the appartemen,

In this modern time,many people choose the easy way.for geting somethings,whenever they need them,that's why they chose the appartmen for their living,because in the appartement usauly everything that they need is   easy to be found,.food to be eaten,so they don't need to cook it.buying a food in the restaurant is one of the best to be chosed.because if they need,it can be got by just only calling them,in a few minutes the food ia already send to their home,they olso don't want to be busy with washing that lose their energy,so they prefer to choose call the laundry so  that their energy  can be used  for anather activity,example fitness,swim,for these activity appartement usually alrealdy available the fitness room near the swimming fool which completed by the small cafe,they want to stay in the place where it close to the shoping centre.so they don't need a long time,if they want to go there,there is also an appertement which has already availabe the course for children,and the school for the kindergarten,besides, they things about the security is very important,for example if some one want to meet the owner of the appartemen he / she must tell it to the security and the security call the owner,if the owner thing it is imfortant to meet him / her so he firmit him to enter the house,or he / she just wait in the lobby,so in these  case they think leaving in the appartement is a nise desicion,althougt the price to stay in the appartementis is more expensive,

But part of people choose to stay in the house,because they want to get free situation,they are free to do anytings.example thay can care the dog as the guide in front of their house,they can care the cat,so they   can pley with their can in their spare time,they can care the fish in the pond so if they tired from their office they can lost their stress or tired to thing the problem in the office,they,they can     plant many kind fo sun flower,rose,jusmine and many other flower,they can plan the coconut tree,manggo tree and many other tree,and they olso can part his car in their own   garage,so they don't need  a long time to reach their car.this is the right  they will get the problem to stay in the house because sometime it is far prom the  city centre,

overall.people has their own consideration about their house,part of them like to stay in the appartment ,others like to stay in the house,

2.You should spend about 40 minutes on this task,write about the following topic
 Some people choose to continue their lesson to the University,after graduate from senior high school,other direcly looking for a job or make their own job so in the young time,they also already have succses by selling the product,they make by them self or work together with their friends as partner which do you consider

Give a reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience,you should write at least 250 words.you should write your own ideas,knowledge and experience and support your arguments,with example relevat evidence,

parents regist their son / daughter to go to school from a child under 5 years old, in that age some of them have already known the alphabet or to account from one until ten,even 20,even there is under 5 years old children have already able to read fluently or writing,sometimes at least they know how to write their own name,this a very good way for the parents do in this era,it is so far with forty years ago,the students can start to study directly from,beginner after their age 7 or 8 years and the child at that age didn't know at all,how to write,read even they don't know the alphabet at all.

why many of the parents in these time do something like that? that because they want their children is clever,gets more knowledge for making competition for getting the job in  the future,so after their children graduate from senior high school they are willing to spend a large amount of money,so their sons,daughter,get a high knowledge by continuing  their lesson to the abroad such as American,Singapore,Japan, Austrian and many others countries,so that their children have no problem to get a job as a specilish doctor who works in the hospital,,banker who works in best bank,,engineer who works in  the big contractor,and so on.

So they can get good salary,and their children have a happy life in the future that as the parent's heritance,they think the knowledge is the heritance is best heritance,why if the parents give much money after they are died it can be finish without the knowledge.this usually did by rich parents,for some simple economic parents they  just can support their so to study just in the university in their counry so,their children don't study at best university,the parents is satisfied enough if their love sons,daughter,get the job just as a secretary in the small company, or they works as an empleyee in the simple company,

sometimes it can be found that their son don't continue their lesson thee university,altough their parents is rich man,and have enough money to pay them,that's because their sons,daughter bored with the lesson,school rule,or another activities in the school,they prefare to creat their own job,for example they make shoes by them selves,with many kinds of type,and they sell it to thier own shop near their house or they but a space in the mall for selling them,so they are as the ower and as the boss,who doesn't need to work to another company with the monthly salary,or with many rule must be obeyed,other student don't want to continue their lesson to the university because their parents have a business.so they enjoy to work to their father,after that contimue their dad's job,to substitute their father who has already old.example as a contructor who make a house as private,as a merchant to sell the materials for making  buildings,as a car rentals,or other job
for my self acually, I like to continue my lesson to the university,after I graduate from senior high school,after that  I want to take the english course,because english  is very importand,

3.You should spend about 40 minutes on this tasks,write about the following topic
Motor vihicle can make faster for the journey,but it dangerous for it pollutes,besides make the road traffic,what to be done to decreace the number of the car,so the jam can be overcome,

Give a reason for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge or experience you should write at least 250 words you you should write at least 250 words.you should write on your own Ideas ,knowledge and experience and support arguments,with example relevan.evidence,

Our ancestor just only dream if they can  go somewhere faster and enjoy like our life now where we can go somewhere by motorcycle or a car which can make us enjoy,it so far different with their life in encient where they need a long time to go somewhere,by using horse,even walking on food that need a long time because they must use the time for rest,Motor vichicle is very comfort for our journey faster and so nice,

Sadly tha car has becaome a disadvantage as well in a boon,the car make the polution,make a lot of accident that cam make abig number of people died,it also can make the road blocks,so people finally better walking than using the car,can we find how the using of the car can be reduce,

The car is only desirable if we can used it easyly,so we might begin by reducing access for parking car,in the cities an simultaneously increasing the quality and availability of public transpor,make higher the parking car or car can be banned from certain part of the city,thus forcing people to walk or to use the public transport of course it need to prefare the enjoy public transfort,

The expense of buying and running a car can be raised if the motorist is faced with a high purchased price,high road tax,hig insurance premiums and substantial fines he or she may reconside the purchase,A corresponding reduction in the prince of public trasport would help this financial argument against car ownership

But this arguments will sway the super rich who can afford the stutus cars,even it would perhaps encourage them to lool at other ways of demontrating their wealth,however we do it,reducing he number of cars on the road will reduce the problem of pollution and the congestion can bring cities to standstill so we can enjoy to go somewhere without traffict

A.Now let's talk more about the friend that you like
A.What kinds of friends do you like ? B. I like a friend who like to  study,patien,and alway helf each other
A.How many close friends do you have? B. I have 5 close friend they are my neighbor and my class mate
A.Do your friend younger or older than you? B.Yes,two of my friend is two years younger than me

A.What do you feel with friend older than you? B. I make them no deferent,we look like the same age
A.Do you always helf your friends if they have problem? B.yes,I try as hard as fossible to helf them if I can,
    one day my friend's bicycle is broken on the way going to school together to me,I help my friend to
    fixed his bicycle,so in fifteen minutes the bicycle is in good condition,so we go to school together
A.Do you think all your friend is clever ? B.Yes, I think all my friend is clever,nice,folite and good friend
A.If you go for vacation to some where which do you like to go,with your friend or with your family,
B.It depend on the situation,for same reason I like to chose going with my friends,others I like to go
    with my family.but some time both,I like to go with my family,mother,father,sister,brother,and friends
A.Does your family always like your friends? Yes, of course,because before I make them as my friend I
    ask my parents first to know about my oponion,they are agree,I continue but they are always agree
B.Have you ever quarrel with your friends ? No I never quarrel with them,because they are kind to me,they
    always accompany me to go somewhere,we always play together,some time we go sport together,I make
    my friends like my own family,so my friends make me as their brother,if I am sad my friends will be sad
    too,If my friends get sick,I always come,to their home,or hospital,pray for them,or do somethings make
    them happy,I sometimes brought fruit,my mother sometimes make food for them,I am very happy
That's the  example of writing and speaking,in other to you don't get the difficulties in answer the spaking , writing test,you praktice speaking everyday,about your family,everythings in your serouding  your house,school,working place,and many other,in other to you can answer the writing test you should write something about your good experience,bad experience,
(Demikianlah contoh test bicara dan menulis,agar supaya anda tidak mengalami  kesulitan dalam bicara,anda harus berlatih berbicara setiap  hari,tentang keluarga anda,segala sesuatu in sekitar rumah anda,sekolah anda,tempat bekerja,dan yang lainnya,agar supaya anda dapat menjawab soal menulis,anda harus berlatih menulis sesuatu, tentang pengalaman bagus anda dan pengalaman jelek anda,)

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Les Privat Ielts | The Example Of Listening

The Example Of Listening
Here are some instuction regarding these Practise Listening Test.Each practice listening test you will hear a mumber of different recording,and you will have to answer Questions on what you hear,there will be a time for you to read the instructions and questions  and you will have a chance to check your work,all the recordings will be played once only.you must be carefully in answer,because there the instruction that you can not fill the answer more than three words,you also must be carefully to read the instuction because sometime you can find the instuction that you can fiil the twice choosen,in the choosen list,and you must also be carefully with the instruction because in the instruction tell you,you fill the question while you listening,the concentra in realy need so you can answer the question beter.

Example in the section one

Yudi : Hallo,Good morning,Foreign Student’s Advisor office,this is yudi speaking,can i help you ?

Merry :good morning This is Merry julia here yudi I want to make the request  for special leave.can i do that over the phone or i must come to the office directly?

Yudi :Hello Merry you can make the request by phone but will have to fill the form out.tell me please your

           Student number,
Mery : It T for  Tenggo 67545
Yudi : T67545.Ok,what your address mary?
Mary: I live at 12 liverfolten street,bobhword,
Yudi:12 liverfulten street,bobhword,can you tell me your phone number?
Merry : The telephone number is 76578768
Yudi : Thanks,what course are you doing?
Merry: I’m in the listening class.
Yudi : Listening,Who’s your teacher in this term?
Merry : Mrs brown,the spell her name is B,R,O,W,N
Yudi : Thanks,when does your visa expired?
Mery : let me see.september 25,
Yudi : September 25,which term do you want to take leave?
Merry : in term one
Yudi : Ok.term one.can you tell me what are the exact date?
Marry : I’d like tibe away 27 oktober to 2 november,
Yudi : Ok,you will miss for fo 5 days,
Marry : That’s right

The example of section 2.You are going to hear the the advice of  a lady call Monica.has left for her nephew hendry.who wiil come to her house,while she  was away,for taking care of its

Monica,good morning Hendry,welcome to the house,I’m really please that you  can be here for several days for caring my home while i was away for the lady’s  meeting,in the out of the city,here are something you need to know,about the house important stuff like when the garbage is calledted.Infect,let’s start with the garbage,which is collected on Sunday.Just write garbage on the agenda,on the days they take so will not forget  it,put it out on  Sunday morning because the garbage man will take it in the early morning,because if you put it in the noon the garbage man have gone, my house will be there is too many garbage,put it every Friday morning every week,that will be Friday 7.th,Friday 14th,Friday 21st and Friday 28th,it’s really good service,the truck s are quiet and the sevice is efficient,the garbage will be pu outside the house empty.It is a good idea to put it away quickly,This street,can be quite windy. I twice watch the neighbor infont of my house chase her bin the whole length of the street.every time she nearlly caught up wint it,it away again.The waste paper,the leaves of the tree in front of the house will be collected this Saturday ,that’s Saturday 6th,there  are two garbage can full of leaves tree behind the house,please put it out on Monday ,because there is specal garbage man who take the leaves on that day,and don’t forget to give him a tip,you can take the money that i have alredy put on the table at the corner of the dining room,don’t forget to sweep the floor in the bed room,in front of the bath room,and in the kitchen,after that please wash my shoes shine it,after that please go to the laundry for taking my clotch that i put few weeks ago,bring the dirty clocth for washin while you take the clean clotch,please cut the grass behind the house,you  just cut for about half centimeters.after you cut you must pur the water on,with the special equipment that  i prefare and put behind the kitchen,please iron the cloth that  put on the table,you must it tidily,