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Les Privat Ielts Di Jakarta selatan (The Example Of Writing )

Les Privat Ielts di Jakarta Selatan,08788 514 0994 / 08788 514 0994.Untuk anda yang berada di Jakarat selatan dan ingin belajar ielts anda bisa menghubungi nomor telepone diatas,ini adalah  les privat ielts yang menerima murid untuk semua umur,anda akan dilatih oleh guru yang telah berpenglaman,sistim pengajaran yang diterapkan adalah sistim pengajaran yang praktis,,anda akan dilatih oleh guru yang ramah,sabar dan bersahabat dan siap membantu anda dalam belajar ielts,

Materi pelajaran yang di sediakan adalah materi yang lengkap yang terdiri dari Writing,listening,speaking,selain itu akan dilatih dengan pelajaran penunjang untuk materi tes,yaitu Tata bahasa,(Grammar)Kosa kata (Vocabulay ) dan materi lainnya,

Kebayakan dari peserta mengalami kesulitan dalam writing kesulitan tersebut biasanya tidak bisa mngembangka kata - kata sehingga baru beberapa baris saja menulis sudah tidak mempunyai ide lagi sehingga mentok,hal yang seperti inilah yang akan di bimbing oleh guru pembimbing sehingga dalam menulis writing,menjadi sangat gampang bagi anda,kesulitan yang ke dua yang di hadapi oleh murid adala grammar yang merupakan sangat penting dalam menulis tata writing ,akan akan dilatih supaya dengan otomatis dapat menulis lancar dan dengan otomatis dapat menulis dengan grammar yang benar

Dibawah ini adalah contoh WritingThera many  advantage of planting the flower itt seem to be beneficial for mental and phy body,by planting the flower it will increase the landscape appear being a good existance for the gardener ,enchance emotioanal well being and for personal interest ,by planting flower ,gardener will have flowersas a gift and be able t save money that wouldbe spirit for the florist,Flower can also enchance visual appeal to any landscape,a colorful variety of  flower amon the grasses and tree s may beautify the spaces.During the past decade .people bought  flower ,and flowers normally capable to cutivate peoople’s attention to their growth,to support phisical

health.There is also cultivating flowers while cultivating flowers may attact people’s attention to their growth,Flowers may be easy to be taken care of ,but they can die if water and soil , ignored for a long time,Therefore attention is necessary.Additionally flowers are able to regulate people’s emotion and eliminate the  individual negative mood.They can also increase people’s concentration on learning and work,peoplecan olso remain oftimistic other than eliminating people’s negative terpramentd ,flower s can  Expand people’s mind  and open their hearts,In city ,flower are used as decorations  to regulate emotions,such as frenshen their mind and become active.there are some flowers to regulate emotions ,for example chrysanthemum,which makes people feel  loyal and  faithful,while lilies,represent parity and love.If is the best bouguet of flowers when visiting relatives and friends,furthermore,flowers are capable to influence an individual’s ability and people may initate the characteristics of flower.conciosly and unconsciously.And lastly ,other than cultivating people’s ability and regulating their  emotios,

Flower may serve as a powerful self beautuful self beautification and medicine.In fact,flower like rose,has been used as an ingredient and fragrant.for example  rose petal in ayurvedic medicine may calm the mind and body ,Some items like Rosewater are normally used to remove dirt and make up.while roses  natural oils  help to maoisture skin and make it smooth and soft.Meanwhile,sugars in rose petals may support the sensitive skin the best and give a comfortable feeling.And lastly, rose water in bath will make people’s skin glow and it is also effective to cambas dark cirle and to make user’s haie,

Les Privat Ielts Di Cibubur (The Example of Writing )

Les Privat Ielts Di Cibubur (The Example Of Writing )

08788 514 0994 / 08788 514 0994 / 021 981 58 618.Dengan senyum yang tersungging di bibir menyambut gembira bagi anda yang telah sudi membuka blog ini ,dan juga dengan senang hati memberikakn informasi tentang les privat ielts bagi para karyawan,karyawati bercita- cita untuk meningkatkan karir yang ke lever yang lebih tinggi,mahasiswa,dan mahasiswi yang ingin menermpuh pendidikan yang lebih tinggi,maupun untuk adik - adik yang bercita - cita untuk mencapai  universitas idaman yang harus memenuhi salam satu persyaratan yaitu dengan nilai iels tertentu,disinilah temat anda mengasah otak untuk mencapai nilai ielts yang anda idamkan,berikut informasi yang di sajikan di blok ini,Untuk anda yang berada di cibubur dan sekitarnya yang ingin belajar Ielts anda bisa menghubungi nomor telepon diatas,ini adalah les privat ielts yang menerima murid untuk semua umur anda akan dilaih oleh guru yang telah berpenglaman,guru pembimbing adalah guru yang ramah,sabar dan bersahabat dan siap membantu anda dalam belajar ielt ,anda dapat belajar ielts general dan academic,yang menyenangkan lagi anda akan dilatih oleh guru yang ramah,sabar dan bersahabat,dan mengetahui sistim yang cocok untuk mengajar anda,yang disesuaikan dengan umur anda yang mau belajar,

Menerima murid untuk semua umur,sampai dengan usia dewasa dan orang tua yang perlu  pergi ke luar negri dengan tujuan untuk kerja atau untuk memperluas pengalaman karir yang lebih tinggi,dengan methode pengajaran yang handal yang di dahului dengan sharing untuk mengetahui perkembangan otak murid yang menerima bimbingan membuat peserta belajar menjadi gampang menerima materi pelajaran yang diajarkan oleh guru pembimbing,

anda akan dilaih dengan materi yang lengkap,kosa kata  untuk untuk keperluan writing,speaking dan listening,tata bahasa sehingga anda menulis writing dengan tata bahasa yang benar,speaking sehingga anda bisa bicara dengan banyak kosa kata,dan membuat anda bisa  bicara tanpa ragu sehingga tidak banyak berhenti,listening,sehingga anda bisa menjawab pertanyaan yang ditanyakan dalam listening mendengarkan,sesuai dengar perintah,anda juga dilatih sehingga anda bisa fokus dan konsentrasi sewaktu mendengarkan pembicaraan dalam listening,dan juga anda akan dilatih supaya percaya diri dalam speaking karena anda  akan bicara dan face to face dengan foreigner sewaktu test writing,anda akan dilatih dengan berbagai macam strategi yang disesuaikan dengan daya tangkap anda

#.Speaking : Anda akan dilatih supaya bisa bicara tanpa ragu,bicara lancar,percaya diri dan yakin lulus,pada test,anda juga akan dilatih untuk bisa menyambungkan kata-kata,setelah selesai yang satu dengan yang lainnya,anda juga dilatih untuk supaya  ingat dengan apa yang akan dikatakan sehingga anda tersenyum dengan hasil yang anda capai ,

#.Listening :Pada listening anda dilatih untuk bisa fokus pada materi yang yang didengarkan yang tentunya anda akan dilatih dengan materi kosa kata - yang banyak terlebih dahulu sehingga sewaktu anda mendengarkan anda mengetahu maksudmya minimal anda mengetahui ide fokoknya,

#Writing anda akan dilatih untuk bisa mengarang dan mengembangkan ide-ide karangangan sehingga anda cukup dengan materi yang disajikan dalam karangan anda,terus lancar dalam mengarang, selanjutnya,anda juga akan dilatih untuk bisa writing yang sesuai dengan yang di perintahkan sehingga karangang anda dalam satu faragraf  menceritakan topic yang berhubungan perintah soal,dan hasil writing anda menjadi menarik untuk dibaca,karena anda menggunakan pariasi kata,dan pariasi penggunaan kata,dari naon,verb,adverb,adjective,prefosition,conjunction,pronounce,dan interjaction,

Berikut adalah contoh writing

 1.You should spend about 40 minutes on this task
Write about the following topic

1.Sport is a very importan activity for making our body healty,but many people have some reason for the sake of to improve their career that makes them to busy,so they have no time for doing it,

2.Some people like to give the clothe to someone,other keep the cloth in the wordrobe ill it full,it causes the love the cloth or it has special meaning for them,

Give  a reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience,

You should write at least 250 words
you should use your own ideas,knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence

-1.Throughout the past decades,people does the exercise from certain point to another,in face they claim exercise on a way tome train their body and to stabilize their lifestile,Some poeple do exercise or spott for fun,but some  old peope who used to play light sport llike badminton and table tennis, tend to do jogging in the early morning or at night.In comparation to out ancestors.presently,some people are barelly doing any sports most of them are busy o have no time even so people should still do some light sport to help the body function better.Regardless of people busy schedule,they still can execisse to the early morning or when they have free time,

For some people everday is war,in which they barely have time for exercise,Fortunately,they can still do  exercise in middle of their schedule.first of all,they can do jogging in the early morning.Or take a walk for a few minutes during lunch time In ddition,If their workplace has many floors,they can simply skip the elevators and  try to take stairs to replace exercise.In orther hand,they can also do a freestyle exercise or selely sport s that interest them during their holday or day off .there are tons of exercise they can do ,llike badminton,cycling ,table tennis,coccer and the other sport.

For matter of fact,by undertake an exercise,the bloood flow will be able ,lungs will work even better,In a the addition by engaging in phisical activity people can control and maintain their weight,therefore ,The more intense the exercise the mod desease.For example ,there is a man who suffered from lung disease ,yet,he likes swimming ,so he is able to combat his illness by doing a lop of swimm routinely,Therefore ,exercise can control body vulnerability and,effective to counter illness.Exercise may also improves mood,by taking a walk and enjoying the beautiful sceneru,In midst of simple exercise exercise ,brain will stimulate some positive chemicars.Furhermore ,a proper amount of exercisee can work to boasts stamina,so people can do exercise after the another one ,And lastly ,exercise can be enjoyable ,some sports like badminton can be fun and especally may help people to make more sport like badminton can be fan and  especially may help people to make more friends,For the fast ,sport will be enjoyable,i f there is someone else to join,hence,despite of a person’s busy schedule,he or she still be able to do exercise.

In conclusion,people need to balance their lives with exercise because over work can be a great disadvantage for body.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2, Throught out the past decades fashion has evolved a lot people more.outfit which took farm of dress and tons of feil as the decoration.How ever,presently,word of fshion has created a stile ,which may give more feedom of movement to  the weaver,In fact,these kinds of style which consis mini-shirt,sharts and tankk top,have been dorminated by teen and adult.How ever,there are some people who still want to wear the old clothes. Or feel wasteful normall to throw them away.so they simply keep their outfit in wardrobe,meanwhile there are other people who sell their cothes away.

Generally.if person can no longer wear the clothes he or she has normally sele the clothes away to relative,friends,social needs or to the second shop,Additionallly,they might give away some that way of thinking is that they do not want to keep many clothes ,they cannot wear or old in their house,because there will be no space for the new ones,In addition their believe.to some people beside them,might need it bette than them.On the other hand ,there are some people who like to collect old items such as old car or antique decorations to odd to their collection ,they may also add their clottes to their collection
there are reasons regard why some people still keep their old clothes,it is probably a gift from someone special or simply still in a good quality for the matter of fact,some people collect old outfits like antique items.In addition,same fashion designer may use old style as thne inspiration because most of the old clothings are classsic,looking and seem fancy,old clothes can be remaked t lack newer,and people can sell them for many  or donate for people in need ,However,everythings is entirely ut to people’s decicion.
In conclusion,old cothes can benefit some peop;e.especilly in orpha or families and friends but it can be a good collection and a prefer material to remake,

Beberapa kosa kata dan kalimat yang dalam mengerjakan writing,speaking san  listening,

-Duty : I got a duty to write a leter to that companies so they decite to buy the merchandise.
-Cibubur : She study ielts at cibubur so they can unswer the ielts item with a very good score.
-Buy : She can see clearly after she uses her glases which she bounght in that expensive store
-Shopping : I should find the clerk to pay my shopping by asking it to the shopkeeper near beside me
-Counsellor : The counsellor get a very shy client for the bening long after she become fround to her
               Couse she can make her be a talkative lady who believe can sucess to achieve the goal
-Stay: There is a sign that says "Stay away if you want to live"it is local bis the cliff
-Unstable : The climate in indonesia is pretty unstable recently,so it nice to sell the umbrella for
                   getting money for the jobless people,by making people happy to go out in rain
-Les Privat ielts : She took les privat ielts in  this blog so she can achieve a good score for all subject
-Private Ielts : Privat Ielts is very infortant for busy people or students who has many activity
-Koala : Koala always hold tighly at the three ,I wonder what will happened if it pull it away there
-Grandfather : His grandfather are both dentist,so he gets free for the service for his own need
                        because he is his grandparents who love her so much in her life in this world
-Privat ielts : Privat Ielts in the lesielts blogspot makes her understand how to writing.speaking and
                      ol other materials for testing it's include listening and reading and understanding,
-Famuous : The famous doctor is known for ability to diagnose the disease for all the patient
-Hair : He is looking her hairbands in the in dressing room bu it can be found in drawing near her
-Fancy : The grand faher watch  in the living room is the most fancy decoration in this city
-Door : The carpenter make the door made of wood in order to many people want to use it better,
              and the costumer will comeback again for many time for order it so it can make him rich
-Rich : I am a rich person and kind person,so many peole like me and want to help me for kindness
-Watch : She close her eyes in fear when she was watching a horror movie the the theatre so her son
-Mother : I think  her mother is closer to her than her father,it's becase that man always go out
-Poor : The poor man was hurt,I need to find the medicine for them so I go to the drugstor for it
-Always : The man always put the cookies at the top of the refrigerator,so the ant can't find it
-Look : She look beautiful in her dress.it is made special for her widding party on sunday afternoon
-Handpone : She forgot to bring her handphone on the way goin to the office,she call the servant to
                     take and going by the taxi in the long distance so he pay much money for the driver
-Attention : She love to care her nail to get the attention the society to buy the product that she made
-Speech : The priest always make the speech in the house where he was invited,olso in the mosque
-Advertisement : The televisiion always have an advertisement to influence the buyer to buy it
-Bat : people in encient time always kill the bat that in their thiking for protect the planting as the
                source of the income but they don't know that the bad spreat the seed that way there are
                many corn,paddy,penut,rambutan,durian,guava,manggo,manggosteen and others
Independence day : In the independence dan the neighborhood associations often coordinate the
               special activities for cleaning the area,drains are sweep,weed are cut,debrish is burned and
               public area are repain besede they be require to make the decoration by red and  white

I would like to say thank so much that you have used your leisure time to read this block.ones more I want to say happy smileeee....